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Applicant FAQs+

Can you hold a place before I apply?
No.  You must view, apply and be approved for a place to be held.  If you have been notified of your approval, your security deposit becomes a holding deposit and is non-refundable until the lease agreement is signed for the property you have applied for.  It is assumed that approved applicants will move into a property as soon as the property is available.

Do I pay first month’s rent and last month’s rent with my security deposit?
No.  MAXIM 4000 only requires the minimal security deposit & all applicable application fees at the time of application.

How old do you have to be to apply?
You must be at least 18 years old to apply (unless you have proof of emancipation) & you will be required to have a co-signer.

Is the deposit refundable?
If you have been denied based on MAXIM 4000’s application criteria the deposit will be returned to you in full.   After approval of the application by MAXIM 4000 the deposit acts as a holding deposit until you move in to the property and sign the lease agreement, if you fail to enter into a rental/lease agreement, applicant FORFEITS the full security deposit. 

Who needs a cosigner?
MAXIM 4000 requires each applicant to meet qualifying criteria.  If an applicant does not meet the criteria, a co-signer / guarantor may be added to improve an applicant’s ability to qualify for a property.  Depending on how an applicant qualifies, a consigner may be required regardless of age.  All applicants under the age of 21 are required to have a cosigner.  

You have a property I want to rent. How do I apply?
First step is to make an appointment to view the property or have a representative view the property on your behalf because MAXIM 4000 will not rent a property sight unseen.  If you are still interested in the property after the viewing, then you will need to obtain the application packet and follow all instructions provided in order to apply.

Tenant FAQs +

Can you prorate rent the month I move out?
No.  You will be responsible for rental and utility payments through the last day of the month you move out.  If MAXIM 4000 is able to re-rent the unit to a qualified applicant prior to the end of the month you vacate, MAXIM 4000 will prorate days back to you with your security deposit accounting.

Do I have to be present for inspections or repairs?
No.  MAXIM 4000 has a key system that can be checked out to vendors for repairs or maintenance and the property manager will be able to gain access for inspections.  It is important that you keep MAXIM 4000 updated with any changes to contact phone numbers and email addresses so you are able to be notified when someone will be at your unit.

Do I have to be present for the final walk through?
No.  You may surrender your keys by leaving them on the kitchen counter or by turning them into the office.  Please make sure your forwarding address has been given to MAXIM 4000 so your security deposit accounting can be sent to you in the required time frame

Do I have to clean my unit when I move out?
Yes.  Any cleaning MAXIM 4000 has to send a vendor to do will be deducted from your security deposit.  A cleaning check list is provided at www.maxim4000.com to assist your move out process or you may obtain a copy of the list in our office.

How do I pay rent?
MAXIM 4000 accepts online payments through www.maxim4000.com or you may pay in person at one of two local Vectra Banks (Excluding Rya Suite & Peppermill Loft Tenants, in person payments must be made at the Maxim 4000 office.)  Please do not make payments at any other Vectra Bank as they do not have agreements that MAXIM 4000 has with the local institutions.

I know someone who wants to move in. What do I do?
You will have to obtain an application packet and an Addition of Occupants Addendum form from MAXIM 4000’s office.  All parties will have to sign the form.  The new applicant will have to go through the same application procedure you did when you moved in.  An addition of an occupant is subject to the property manager’s approval.  Please do not move anyone into your unit without prior approval.

I want to get a pet. What do I do?
Prior to moving a pet into your unit, you must get approval from MAXIM 4000.  No pets(with the exception of medically necessary pets) of any kind are permitted without the specific written permission of MAXIM 4000 in the lease agreement, a pet addendum to the lease and an additional non-refundable pet fee.  The following pets will not be accepted under any circumstances; Akitas, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Stafforshire Terrier, Chows, Doberman Pinschers, German Sheppard, Great Danes, Pit Bulls, Presa Canario, Rottweilers, Wolf Hybrids, Huskies, Malamutes, etc.

I want to move out, but my roommate wants to stay. What do I do?
You will have to obtain a Release of Occupants Addendum from MAXIM 4000’s office.  All parties will have to sign the Release of Occupants Addendum and release will be subject to the property manager’s approval.  Unless you have been approved by the property manager to be released from the Residential Lease Agreement, you will still be responsible for all terms and conditions of the lease.

Is MAXIM 4000 allowed to do interior and exterior inspections while I live in the rental unit?
Yes.  MAXIM 4000 has the right to enter the premises and tenant agrees not to unreasonably withhold from the landlord consent to exhibit the premises.  Adequate notice will be given in these circumstances.

Is MAXIM 4000 allowed to show my unit to prospective applicants?
Yes.  The property you are renting can be shown to prospective tenants, workmen, contractors, purchasers, insurance agents, real-estate agents, etc.  Adequate notice will be given in these circumstances.

My lease expiration is coming and I want to move out. What do I do?

You will need to obtain MAXIM 4000’s Notice to Vacate form from www.maxim4000.com or the office.  You will need to fill the form out, sign & return it to the office by the 1st of the month to vacate by the end of the month.  MAXIM 4000 does not accept mid-month to mid-month notices.

Should I clean the carpet(s)?
MAXIM 4000 encourages tenants to clean carpets periodically while occupying the unit, however MAXIM 4000 will make arrangements for a professional carpet cleaning outfit to clean the carpets when you vacate the unit and the expense will be deducted from your security deposit per your lease agreement.

What if I have an emergency?
In cases of fire, violence or imminent danger, always call 911.  In other cases such as plumbing issues, electrical issues or lockouts, please always call MAXIM 4000’s main line at 970.683.2595.  After hours, weekends and holidays, a service called Night Tenders will be able to assist you based on your call.

When is rent late?
Rent is late if received after the 1st of the month.  Payments received after the 3rd of the month will be subject to a late fee. 

Who is responsible for paying for repairs & maintenance requests?
MAXIM 4000 uses 3rd party independent vendors and contractors.  Unless an issue is tenant responsibility or caused, the owner of the property will be responsible for expenses incurred.

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