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Grand Junction Property Management

MAXIM 4000, LLC is a full service property management company serving the Western Slope of Colorado providing unparalleled professionalism and expertise to ensure you receive outstanding service while protecting your investment. With a current inventory of over 350 residential investment properties, the inventory that MAXIM 4000, LLC services is made up of a mixture of single family homes, duplex units, four-plex units, eight-plex units, twelve-plex units and two brand new 48 unit apartment complexes, making MAXIM 4000, LLC very capable of managing investment property of all different types and sizes.

Our Services

Maxim 4000, LLC offers tailored services for all residential investment properties to fit your needs:

  • Full Service Property Management
  • Tenant Placement Services

Types of Property Serviced

  • Multi-Family: Small to Large Multi-unit Buildings & Apartments
  • Single Family: Houses, Condominiums, Townhouses & Suites

Full Service Property Management:

We do everything required to maintain the property and provide you with the greatest return on your investment.

  • Advertising
  • Showings
  • Screen Applicants
  • Lease Signing
  • Make Ready
  • Collect Rents
  • Coordinate Maintenance Requests
  • Emergency Response
  • Pay Bills
  • Property Move In / Move Out
  • Drive By / Inspections
  • Security Deposits
  • Owner Statements
  • 1099

Tenant Placement Only:

We find a qualified tenant for your property and get them settled into their new home.

  • Advertising
  • Showings
  • Screen Applicants
  • Lease Signing
  • Collection of Security Deposit & 1st Month’s Rent

Inquire About Our Services

Advertising +

“We strive for the most exposure of a property at the lowest expense to our owners.“

Advertising Mediums Used:

Showings +

Showing appointments are scheduled through the office and all prospective tenants are required to have viewed the property prior to application and are always accompanied by a MAXIM 4000, LLC professional.

Qualify Applicants

  • Application, Fees, Minimum Security Deposit
  • Prospective tenants are screened based on the following criteria:
    • Income to Rent Ratio
    • Credit Score
    • Employment Verification
    • Previous Rental History/Landlord References
    • Criminal Background
  • Approval, 2x Security Deposit, Pet Fee, Cosigners, Denial
  • Maxim 4000 shall not discriminate in any way or on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status or handicap and shall follow any and all regulations set forth by Federal Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity.

Lease Signing +

A licensed agent and in most cases the property manager will thoroughly review the lease and all necessary documentation and acquire signature with the new tenant prior to occupancy and issuance of keys.

Leasing Documents:

  • Brokerage Disclosure
  • Lease Agreement
  • Pet Policy Form
  • Lead Based Paint Disclosures
  • Utility Agreements
  • Move In/Out Report

Make Ready +

Maxim 4000 coordinates the make readies between tenants to minimize periods of vacancy.

Maxim 4000 will upon the vacancy of the previous tenant and before the occupancy of the new tenant coordinate the make ready which includes repair of any damage and cleaning of the unit by an outside 3rd party independent contractor. Owner does pay for all make ready expense.

  • Repair of any damage to the property
  • Re-keyed for the security of the next tenant
  • Cleaning of the unit dependent upon the condition left by the previous tenant
  • Carpets professionally steam cleaned

Rent Collection +

Rent is due on the 1st day of each month and by the 4th day is considered late.

Multiple Ways To Pay Rent:

  • Online at www.maxim4000.com / checking account or credit card
  • Vectra Bank – 2 Locations: 499 281/4 Rd. & 2394 F Rd. personal delivery / mailed
  • Vectra Bank ACH – Automatic withdrawal from a tenant’s account w/ proper authorization
  • Maxim 4000 – 120 W Park Dr. personal delivery

Maintenance Requests +

Maxim 4000 is responsible for responding to general work order request as well as maintenance emergencies.

  1. Submitted through the maintenance request on our website or called in by Tenant
  2. Work order created
  3. Performed by third party independent contractors
  4. Professional judgment to make or cause to be made repairs alterations on the premises, purchase supplies and pay all bills therefore on Owners behalf
  5. Owner approval on all expenditure in excess of $500.00 Exceptions: Recurring charges & Emergency repairs
  6. After Hours / Weekends Night Tenders After Hours Services

Paying Bills +

  • We will make any bill payments for the property as long as we have the funds to do so.
  • Paid for by the property owner with property funds.
  • Reserve of $300
  • Utilities, HOA dues, etc. can be set up to be paid through Maxim 4000.
  • Third party agreements
  • Automatic turn-ons

Property Move In / Move Out +

A move in walk thru evaluation of the unit will be conducted with a Maxim 4000 representative prior to occupancy of the unit to document the condition of the unit prior to move in, occupancy and issuance of keys.

Move In / Out Form

  • Room by room evaluation of the property
  • Signed off on by the tenant
  • Used in Security Deposit Accounting

A move out evaluation is conducted upon vacancy of the unit to assess the condition and determine what if any tenant caused damage to the property has been done beyond normal wear and tear. Tenant may but is not required to be present.

Property Condition Evaluations

  • Interior Evaluations
  • Drive-By's

Security Deposits +

All security deposit accounting is done within 60 days from move out.

Notice to Vacate/Security Deposit Accounting shall include the following:

  1. Security Deposit held
  2. Amount of rent or unpaid charges as of the date of move out
  3. Amount of charges and/or cleaning charges to be assessed
    • Itemized list of work and actual costs will be attached to the forms for repair, cleaning and/or replacement of items above normal wear and tear
    • Automatic Deductions: Re-key & Carpet Cleaning
  4. Balance of the Security Deposit after deductions are refunded to tenant

Owner Statements +

Reports are mailed out no later than the 15th day of the month following the month of rent.

Owner Statements will include the following:

  1. Cash Flow Income collected (Rents)
    • Expenses incurred for the month
    • Funds distributed to the owner
    • Beginning cash balance
    • Ending cash balance
  2. Invoices
  3. Receivable Summary
    • Tenant name, address, rental rate, rent paid/due

Owner proceeds can be distributed by paper check or direct deposit via ACH.


What Does All This Cost?
Full Service Management

Tenant Placement Only

Why choose Maxim 4000, LLC?

Your satisfaction is our goal. We pride ourselves on superior service and administration. We offer a full range of management services and our pricing is very competitive. YOUR PROPERTY IS OUR PRIORITY.

Your Property

Our commitment to ensuring you receive top-dollar rental for your investment includes recognizing your property’s rental potential. We assess and compare your property through an evaluation process, offering recommendations for updates and repairs to maximize rental income. MAXIM 4000 stays connected with current market trends for the most up-to-date and accurate analysis of rental and lease income potential.

Promotion and Selection

MAXIM 4000 will construct a management strategy, which includes advertising to prospective tenants through selective media. We highlight the property’s features and benefits, generating qualified potential tenants, to ensure maximum occupancy and lease renewal. Available properties are highlighted on our Web site as well as a detailed list available in our office. We use a careful and detailed screening process to find your most suitable tenant.

Looking to Purchase?

Working in conjunction with RE/MAX 4000 for sales and purchasing, we are able to expand our property management services to offer the valuable expertise of experienced commercial or residential agents to connect you with your ideal investment property.

Grand Junction Area Information

Grand Junction Property Managers

The City of Grand Junction is the largest city in western Colorado. The name "Grand" refers to the historical Grand River, which was renamed the upper Colorado River in 1921, and the word "Junction" is from the joining of the Colorado and Gunnison rivers. Hence, Grand Junction has been given the nickname "River City". The Grand Junction area has turned into a major mountain biking destination, with many bikers coming from the Front Range of Colorado, the Salt Lake City area, and even as far away as California to enjoy the area's abundant single-track trails. Two prominent trails among others are the Tabeguache and Kokopelli trails, the latter running from near Loma all the way to Moab, Utah. Fruita, Colorado with its 18 Road trail system is within 10 miles of the city and has become a major mountain biking destination.

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