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Dax Marutzky - Monday, November 3, 2014

The leaves have fallen to the ground and the nights are noticeably colder. The daylight is getting shorter and it’s time to start thinking about Thanksgiving Dinner, along with football and more food.

Since freezing temperatures are here, please remember to double check to make sure you have disconnected any hoses from outside faucets on your rental unit to prevent the pipes from freezing.  Frozen, broken pipes can cause extensive damage to the property and you may be held responsible for any and all damages brought about by forgetting to disconnect a hose from a faucet.

Take a moment to check your heat before it gets really cold so MAXIM 4000 may address any issues, if any. And, remember to regularly change your furnace filters for optimal performance.

If you haven’t already, now is good time for you to change the batteries in all of your smoke and CO detectors, too. 

Cleaning debris out of gutters prior to the winter months is extremely important and will help with overflowing water & ice forming causing possible damage or hazards. If for whatever reason you are unable to care for the gutters, please contact our office and we can provide names of handymen that will be able to assist you that you can pay directly.

Remember that all maintenance requests can be filled out on our website at www.maxim4000.com.

Rock the Crock Pot!

Here’s something to warm you up in your slow cooker

6 boneless skinless chicken thighs

14 or 15 oz. of green chili enchilada sauce

4 ½ oz diced green chilis. (I double this because I love green chilis)

Garlic salt

Onion powder

Black pepper

¼ c water

Add water to crock pot. Season chicken thighs with the garlic salt, onion powder & black pepper and place folded up in the crock pot. Securely cover & cook on high for 5-6 hours. The most important part is not to lift the lid during this time. It’s cooking nicely, I promise. Reduce crock pot to low & lift the lid. Shred the chicken thighs using two forks. Add your green chilis & green chili enchilada sauce stirring until mixed well. Cover again & slow cook on low for another 30-45 mins. Serve with baked tortilla bowls & garnish with fresh lime &/or sour cream.

Serves 4 nicely.

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